It started with a dream...

The Story of hang gliding, the lost frontier of flight.


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More About Big Blue Sky

     Big Blue Sky is a feature length documentary about hang gliding, the first Extreme Sport, and how it started.  Big Blue Sky is the story of the “Lost Frontier” of flight, tracing the origins of hang gliding from the 1880s thru today, focusing on the golden years of this exciting sport, the 1970s.  It is a story of mankind’s spirit, dreams and experiences as much as it is a definitive historical reference.  

     The story is told by the pioneers of the sport, and their stories are illustrated by exciting never-before-seen vintage movie clips and still images.  Pioneer Bill Bennett tells how he brought the design from Australia to the USA, and Olympian Joe Faust relates his experiences spreading the word about hang gliding.  You will see how hang gliding developed into a popular sport, watch Chris Wills become the first National Champion, and see David Cronk win the first World Championship.  Donnita Hall describes what it was like to be the “First Lady” in the pioneering days of the sport, and soaring champion Dr. Paul McCready explains how hang gliding influenced his leading edge technology company.   Many other pioneers describe their part in history, and the profound effect hang gliding had on their lives.

     The pursuit and realization of dreams has consequences and challenges.  See how a hang gliding industry came into being, encountered side effects of rapid technological development, and how the industry met and conquered these challenges, allowing the sport to continue safely.

     Big Blue Sky is written, directed, produced and edited by Bill Liscomb, a pioneer in the sport of hang gliding.    Bill first flew a hang glider at the infamous “First Universal Hang Gliding Championships” on May 23, 1971.  Mr. Liscomb flew hang gliders for 23 years, and actively participated in the advancement of the sport.   He was present at many of the contests in the early days of the sport, and through his personal friendships with the pioneers of hang gliding, Big Blue Sky tells an engaging story in a way that no one else canů..

Produced by Lightwing Productions